Check out Microsoft’s xCloud Surface Duo’s dual-screen setup

Image Credit: Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay’s Tweet

Yesterday, Microsoft revealed that their Android xCloud app on the Surface Duo could now be updated. The Surface Duo is Microsoft’s “dual-screen mobile device” which those of you into the tech space may be quite familiar with as it launched in September last year. And while, it’s not something that we would usually cover – the updated app has given overseas Game Pass Ultimate members a cool new way to play some Xbox games…

As Tom Warren (writing for The Verge) puts it: “Microsoft has turned the Surface Duo into a handheld Xbox… like a Nintendo 3DS with Xbox games“. In short, the new update allows players to use both screens when playing ‘over 50’ Xbox games. Like the 3DS, the top half is for gameplay – and the lower half becomes a touch screen control pad. The whole Warren article is really worth a read and it even includes a video breakdown (also posted on Warren’s Twitter account here) which shows you the device in action. Sure, it’s not going to replace the controller anytime soon – but if you already have the device (and lived in one of the compatible countries) I can imagine this is a great new way to play these games on the go.

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