Nintendo’s rumoured Switch upgrade may be announced before E3

News of a mid-life cycle Switch upgrade has been doing the rounds for what seems like ages. Back in March we even got a pretty solid-sounding rumour that the new Switch would be getting a bigger OLED screen and maybe even a fancy new Nvidia chip. It seems at this point that almost everyone agrees that a new Switch is on the way – however, because the current Switch continues to sell so well, analysts seem divided as to when Nintendo would announce the update. Well, according to this Bloomberg report, the announcement could be right around the corner…

The article is worth a read, but the bit of info grabbing headlines is that the new console may be announced before E3. The supposed reasoning behind this is that developers that have been making games for the more powerful console would be able to announce these titles during their presentation. Bloomberg also reports that the upgraded Switch will be more expensive than the current model which will eventually be phased out (with the new Switch selling alongside the Lite). If true, this leads me to think that even if we get new games – because the Lite is staying on sale – there will have to be some backward compatibility (for at least some of them).

Interestingly, the new model’s name is still being kept a big secret (with apparently only a few internal people knowing what it will be called). Of course, we all want it to be called the Super Switch or (at least) the Switch Pro – but know it will likely be the * NEW * Switch. Bleh.

The only thing I can think of – is how there will yet another console that I won’t be able to afford. Don’t mind me while I go sob in the corner.

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