Dying Light 2 sneaks into 2021 with a December release date

Dying Light 2 has had a rather turbulent development and considering it was showcased to journalists at E3 2018, we still haven’t really seen much of the game. Techland insisted that the game would see a 2021 release and they are just sneaking in near the end with a 7 December release date.

Set 15 years after the apocalypse, the world is pretty much devastated. 98% of the population has been lost and many of the survivors have come to make Villedor home, a last bastion called The City.

Dying Light 2 keeps the day-night cycle, with daytime ruled by the three main factions of the city: Survivors, Renegades and Peacekeepers. Depending on your choices and who you ally with, the city will change to show the influence of these three factions growing.

With enough effort, players can restore water and electricity to every area in the city. Depending on which faction gets control of an area, there will be trampolines or ziplines set up to help you to get around. Speaking of getting around, Dying Light 2’s parkour system is supposed to have more than double the moves of the first game, so get ready to find fun ways to move around.

Then when night falls, the humans hide as the Infected come out and roam the streets, leaving the buildings that they cower in during the day. Which means it is a great time to go scavenging, as long as you stay off the streets and don’t draw attention to what you are doing.

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