Sonic Central shows off lots of Sonic speeding your way this year

On Tuesday, we got the news that we’d be getting a special Sonic Central event, celebrating 30 years of Sonic. We weren’t quite sure what to expect. Whether you’re a fan of the games or not, Sonic has become quite the icon in video games specifically but also in entertainment in general. So I was rather interested in finding out how much of the ‘Sonic Direct’ would be focused on the games side of things. And the good news is… I wasn’t disappointed.

In fact, no matter what Sonic-flavour you were after you’d probably be quite happy because we got A LOT of Sonic. The actual presentation ran for just over 12 minutes, so I’d probably suggest just checking it out below. However, if you’re here for some bullet points, this is what you missed:

  • A free-to-stream 30th Anniversary full-orchestra musical performance
  • Sonic cameos in several games including Two Point Hospital and Lost Judgement
  • A Sonic Colors Ultimate remake/remaster?
  • New short-form animations with the original voice cast
  • A Sonic Origins bundle featuring 5 classic Sonic games playable on new consoles
  • Sonic Mania, Forces and Team Sonic Racing coming to Luna and PlayStation.Now
  • A bunch of special Sonic mobile stuff
  • A short glimpse into Sonic Prime the new series coming to Netflix next year
  • Lots of new Sonic-themed merch and collectables
  • Oh and… a short teaser for A BRAND NEW GAME from the ‘Sonic Team’
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