Nintendo announces a new gallery centred around their history

“To whom it may concern”. That’s how Shuntaro Furukawa, President of Nintendo, decided to start his press release announcing their new Kyoto-based Nintendo Gallery.

Refurbished Uji Ogura Plant turned into new Nintendo Gallery
Tentatively named ‘Nintendo Gallery’

This gallery will see the Nintendo Uji Ogura Plant (based in Kyoto) and the land around it renovated and transformed into a museum to showcase the gaming giant’s history. The City of Uji is apparently planning on re-developing the Ogura train station that’s nearby, giving potential visitors to the area a better and safer way to travel. So Nintendo decided to jump on board.

This facility used to be a customer service center for device repairs, and a manufacturing source for playing cards. But since these functions were transferred to the current Uji plant back in 2016, Nintendo has finally found a use for this under-utilised building.

While traveling abroad right now seems like a pipe-dream, this facility will only be completed by March 2024! So if you’re in the mood to see the world once it’s hopefully back to some form of normalcy, know that the Nintendo Gallery will be ready and waiting for you at the end of all of this.

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