Palia – a relaxing MMO from Singularity Six

Singularity Six is a game dev studio led by ex-Riot employees Aidan Karabaich and Anthony Leung. They formed the studio in 2018 with the intent of making games that enriched players lives. Now, in 2021, they have announced Palia, an MMO where you farm, fish, decorate and work on relationships to progress – all at your own pace, in what seems to be quite a beautiful world. 

It’s a cozy and welcoming world that we hope fans of the community sim genre will love for years to come.

The small amount of lore we know around Palia so far is that humans are a legendary race, who long have disappeared from the world. Now, they are beginning to reappear. 

Having been gone for so long, the point of the game is to make a new home in the world and ensure a future for humankind. 

The game is entering pre-alpha soon, and you can register for a chance to play that here. You will only be able to play it on PC for now. There is no official pre-alpha start date, and no launch date at this time either. 

Also not mentioned is the pricing, so we aren’t sure if we are looking at free-to-play, a once-off buy, or a subscription model. 

I am looking forward to this one. It may be a bit niche but could turn into something great to shed some stress in the evenings. 

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