Devolver Direct confirmed for Saturday, June 12

I do love indie games and Devolver Digital is one of the biggest indie labels in the industry right now. They have confirmed that they will be showcasing their upcoming and existing games this year as part of the Summer Game Fest, which is sort of like E3, but isn’t. 

When it comes to the Devolver Direct, they take a more artistic view of the spectacle of E3 and have for the past couple of years given us a cinema nouveau kinda reveal. I expect the same for Saturday. 

I do expect to see Phantom Abyss, but what else they have up their sleeves is anyone’s guess. Hotline Miami, which was one of their first bloody funfest games, tweeted the below a few days ago. 

There is no Hotline Miami 3? For now maybe. 

I really am a fan of the no-nonsense way [Ed: More like loads of nonsense!] the previous presentations had and I hope to see some gems come out of this year’s presentation. I have put a few hours into Fall Guys myself. And Loop Hero. And Hotline Miami. Don’t forget Gris. 

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