Game Reviews: What info is most important to you?

What are you interested in when it comes to reviews? When you open up a game’s review page or watch a video version – what information do you first look for? I know we’re all, at least occasionally, guilty of just scrolling to the bottom of the page (or the very top in here at SA Gamer) to look for the score or just reading the quick blurb and the positive/negative bulleted list. However, let’s be honest. We’ve probably all played a game that someone scored really highly but that we landed up not enjoying at all. And, on the flip side, we all know there’s that game that we love that critics absolutely panned. That’s kind of the wonderful [and frustrating] thing about opinions. We’ve all got one.

So the question is – what information in a review is often even more important than the score to you? What’s the bit of info you NEED to know? Is it a specific gameplay mechanic? Or perhaps, how tight the controls are, or how clever the level design is?

Or is it all about the story for you? Do you need to know how invested you’ll be in the character and their choices? Or that there is a satisfying resolution to the story?

Or is it simply an equation of time versus money for you? i.e. will the time you spend on the game feel like it was worth the money you put in to buy it?

Of course, the questions above will all vary based on what kind of game it is and probably even more importantly on how you’ve felt about the reviewer’s opinion in the past. However, let’s say you trust the reviewer. And it’s a genre you’re interested in. In that case, what’s the information you want a reviewer to include to help you make a wise purchasing decision? What info is most important to you when it comes to reviews?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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