The latest Valheim update fixes two bugged raids

A small patch for Valheim is available to download that fixes a few bugs. Notably, the patch fixes two raid events that would make an announcement and then nothing would happen.

The two events being fixed are “you are being hunted” and “the horde is attacking”. Now these raids will trigger as expected. The former will spawn a bunch of wolves that want to eat you, while the latter summons an army of Fulings ready to try and wreck your day.

If you happen to be in the late-game, prepare for these raids triggering sometime soon.

On top of the raids, the update will also make it easier to fight Trolls in melee. Their ground slam attack can be blocked now. Serpents won’t run off at low health, so you should be able to kill more without the hassle of extended chases.

Iron Gate has also fixed the respawn timer for resources like berries and flint, and raising terrain will make smoother mounds of earth now, instead of pointy bits everywhere.

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