Wholesome Games Direct coming this Saturday

With E3 starting this Saturday (12th of June) it’s easy to be focused on the so-called ‘big’ developer’s presentations. However, I’m also very excited to see what smaller indie teams are doing. And as someone who isn’t into darker, more violent stuff – I’m really excited to see the selection the Wholesome Games team has for their presentation. You can tune into the Wholesome Direct on Saturday at 7PM:

Of course, these games won’t be for everyone (and that’s totally okay). However, if you’re interested in what Wholesome Games is all about, this is how they explain their goal:

For many years, the most critically acclaimed titles have been the ones with the darkest themes and grimmest depictions of life, but there’s also a whole world of hopeful video games with rich storytelling, innovative gameplay, and beautiful art and sound. We want to be a part of showcasing the breadth of experiences that games can have for players.

If you want to find out more be sure to check out their FAQ page here.

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