Endless Dungeon is a cosmically cute roguelike

At the launch of Summer Game Fest last night, we got an updated look at Endless Dungeon. The trailer gives off some very Diablo-y crossed with futuristic anime-type vibes. It may be cute, but there are turrets and blood. And loot. Never forget that loot. 

The thing that stands out for me in the above trailer is that the world doesn’t seem grim. Yes – they are in trouble, there is violence and there are explosions, but there are also colours! The playable characters are also not walking skeletons and other ragged-looking things but rather consist of a clumsy piggy looking plague doctor named Shroom and some unimpressed robot named Bunker. The narrator in the video is also a playable character named Zed. More characters are due to be announced with time. 

The game supports up to three players, or you can play solo and control the other two characters as well. The turrets bring in a tower defense element which is a nice switch up from the usual roguelike recipe. 

The game is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC, with no release date yet. 

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