E3 2021: Wholesome Direct

Ok ok, so the Wholesome Direct wasn’t exactly part of E3. However, the fact that it was on yesterday (especially after the slightly delayed (?) E3 kick-off show) – meant it made us feel like it was part of the show. So to start us off – the Wholesome Direct just had the 75 Games to show off. Whoa!! Yes, a simply ridiculous 75 games!

So, yes one thing is for sure – there’s probably a game out there for you, no matter your tastes. However, I couldn’t help but notice a few interesting things pop up several times during the presentation including frogs, photography, people interacting with animal-people, cooking, birds and airships. So if any of those tickle your fancy, you should be extra excited. Of course, we won’t be able to go into details on all 75 games here. However, we will pick a few highlights – several indie titles you should keep your eye on below. For everything else, be sure to check out the Wholesome Games website here.

Bird Problems

A sitcom narrative game featuring an anxiety-ridden George Costanza-style canary. Need we say more?


So, this one we’ve seen before. However, we got a really cool breakdown of the upcoming accessibility features in terms of controller layout options.


A trip back to 1986. Take a hiatus from big city life and become a mail carrier in a beautiful part of the world and interact with people. Yes, please!


Another look at the beautiful puzzle platformer with enchanting music from Skrollcat Studio. We also got a release date for this one – 21 August 2021. Soon!


Ok – can’t say much about this, except it had one of the coolest and most user-friendly-looking house design systems. I can’t wait to design my dream home with those curving walls all over the place. Seriously, check out the curvy walls…


Probably, my personal favourite from the show. This narrative adventure game looks simply gorgeous with all visuals being made from actual hand-painted paper models. I can’t wait to see more of this game as you’re tasked with completing the journal of a young woman, as she looks back on her childhood.


Craft items, pet frogs and attend an intriguing-school all while flying on a strange airship. Colour me intrigued.

Moonglow Bay

Rookie angler, help build-up a town’s downtrodden community all in a blocky pixelated goodness. Reel it in folks!


One of the most visually unique games from the show, Woodo seems to combine Claymation and wood for a lovely aesthetic. Not sure what the puzzle game will actually entail – but it’s definitely intriguing.

PowerWash Simulator

Wait. Seriously!? This game is just about washing things using a powerful hose?

Ok, so that was a quick look at only 10 of the 75 games shown off during the Wholesome Direct. If you’d like to check the rest of the games out – be sure to visit the site or alternatively check out the full show below.

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