New Xbox controllers can now be custom-designed

Yesterday, Xbox revealed that new controllers (those slightly updated ones for Series X or S) can be personally customised thanks to their Xbox Design Lab. The unique controller will set you back $69.99 – that is if you can get your hands on one. Unfortunately, at least for now, it seems the controller customisation option will not be available for us here in South Africa. At least I couldn’t find any info about it. Either way, it’s still fun to hop on the website and play around with the different colour options. You can do it here. Here’s my attempt at a SA Gamer themed controller…

As you can tell from the picture above – you can alter the colour palette quite a bit; Changing everything from the main body, the back, the bumpers and the triggers – as well as the D-pad, thumbsticks and other buttons. You can even have a laser engraved message put on the front – but that will add another $9.99 to the checkout price. Again, it’s a bummer that it seems it won’t be available in SA (we’re a relatively tiny market), but who knows what the future holds!

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