Overwatch has cross-play in beta, go get some Ashe cosmetics

Want to play Overwatch with your friends, but they all think that computers are for work and porn and nothing else? Now you can show off your mouse and keyboard skills (or lack of them) in cross-play. Players on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch can now play together. All it takes is setting up a Battle.net account, which you already have if you play on PC.

To connect your console account to your Battle.net account you can follow the info here. PC players just carry on as normal, which is pretty cool.

The cross-play beta happens at the same time as an Overwatch event called Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge. Get some cosmetics for playing games in Quick Play, Competitive and Arcade. The event follows the usual format of awarding an icon, a spray and then a skin. All you need to do is play a bunch of games, with won games netting you extra points.

There are also rewards for watching Twitch streams, but you need to link your Blizzard account to get the drops. Oh and you need to pay a bit of attention, because if you earn a drop, you get no progress towards the next until you redeem it. So leaving a stream running when you go to bed won’t net you as much anymore.

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