Phil Spencer would love another Killer Instinct… with the right team

Back when the Xbox One launched in 2013, Microsoft released a reboot of Rare’s classic fighting game Killer Instinct, which was supported for several years with updates and new characters.

And while we haven’t seen any Killer Instinct news for the Xbox Series, Phil Spencer says the franchise is definitely one that Xbox wants to continue working on.

Spencer discussed the franchise on the Dropped Frames podcast (thanks VGC).

“I will just say, [Xbox Game Studios head] Matt [Booty] and I have discussed many times KI and where we would like to go with it […] it’s in our hearts and in our minds that we want to continue to do something with KI.”

“It’s about finding the right team and the right opportunity. It is not due to any kind of lack of desire on our part that we’re not doing more with KI because we love the franchise and the community response.”

So hopefully someone knocks on Spencer’s door soon with a pitch deck.

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