PC port specialist Nixxes joins PlayStation Studios

Earlier this week Sony confirmed that they had acquired Housemarque. That name should be familiar as they are the developers behind Returnal (Garth reviewed it back in April and rather loved it). And it seems this is going to be quite a big week for Sony Studio expansions… Soon after the Housemarque confirmation, Sony PlayStation Japan’s Twitter account also seemed to mistakenly announce that Bluepoint was next on the list (you can read about it here in this The Verge article). And while that one hasn’t been officially confirmed, yesterday Head of PlayStation Studios, Hermen Hulst, informed the world that Nixxes Software would soon be joining the team.

Now, Nixxes may not be a studio that is immediately recognisable. However, as several outlets have already pointed out, although the Dutch company has been around for some time it is their recent PC port work that may have interested Sony. As this article from PC Gamer explains Nixxes have worked on the PC versions of Avengers, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and the new Tomb Raider games. With Sony keen to make more of their console exclusives eventually available on PC – it makes sense that they’d be keen to add a team that has already demonstrated the skills to do that well to their ‘family’.

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