Love a looter-shooter? Check out Space Punks

Flying Wild Hog, a Polish Studio, has announced a new top down sci-fi themed looter-shooter called Space Punks. The studio is also behind Shadow Warrior. Jagex will be the publisher for their game this time around. 

It does give off a certain Borderlands like feel. There’s even a character referred to as “The Handsome One”. Handsome Jack anyone? They even look the same in my opinion. His name is Duke though, so can’t be the same. 

The game will follow four punks who are in search of wealth and glory, even if that comes in a hellfire of bullets. Flying Wild Hog describes it as “a true living game” so think Fortnite with events, world changes, and so on.

Space Punks looks fun, but may not be the most unique thing that we play this year. 

The game will go into Early Access in 8 days time on July 14. There is also an open beta you can sign up for over here.


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