Nintendo announces new OLED model Switch

After months and months of speculation and rumours, Nintendo has just stealth-announced their new Switch model on Twitter. And while many (including myself) dreamed of cool naming conventions like ‘Pro’ and ‘Super’ the new edition will simply be called the OLED Model. Of course, bland naming aside, the biggest complaints with the new model will likely be the lack of 4K output, no upgraded CPU and no added RAM – all of which had been predicted as part of the earlier speculation. However, don’t worry there are definitely some interesting improvements to look forward to especially on the portable side of things…

As the name suggests, the bigger 7″ OLED screen and slimmer bezel is the most striking new feature and promises to provide “vivid colours and high contrast”. The new Switch will also feature an adjustable flip-out back stand, double the internal storage (now 64GB) and better speakers. The new features clearly indicate that this is a model aimed at players that play the system mostly in handheld/tabletop mode. And while the experience on TVs will remain the same (and all current games and Joy-Cons will be compatible with the new system) the new dock will now, thankfully, include a wired LAN port – which should make playing games a lot more stable.

The new OLED model will be available from the 8th of October 2021. It will be available in the new white colour (pictured above) as well as the traditional black with neon blue and neon red Joy-Cons edition. The new console will be 50$ more expensive and so you can probably expect to pay somewhere around R1500 more for the OLED Switch here in SA. Check out the announcement trailer below:

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