A single 9.8 A++ Sealed Super Mario 64 copy just sold for over R22 Million

Hold on to any old video games you have, especially if they’ve never been opened and are in good condition. The video game collector’s market is simply exploding at the moment. I’d advise you to check out this article by Jay Peters writing for The Verge for the details, but in a nutshell over the last year prices for collectable video games have skyrocketed at auctions. In July 2020 a Super Mario Bros. sold for a whopping $114,000, putting it at just under a staggering R2 million! Now, just 365 days later (or thereabout) a mint condition Super Mario 64 has hit $1.56 million. That’s nearly R22.5 million.

Of course, just like other big auction fads – the bubble may soon burst (so if you’ve got something to sell I wouldn’t be waiting too long.) Also, if the comments under Digital Eclipse’s Editorial Director Chris Kohler’s tweet is anything to go by – some people are already thinking there may be some sort of money laundering or at least some underhanded business manoeuvering going on. But no matter what’s going on the evidence of the monster sale is now real and the amount just makes your eyes water.

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