FIFA 22’s official reveal trailer is here

Last night the football world was much abuzz with the final of the UEFA Euro 2022 final being played between England and Italy. EA took full advantage of the situation and dropped the FIFA 22 reveal trailer a few hours before the game started. 

The game is coming out on the 1st of October, and if it suits you you can preorder it already on Steam or Origin. 

The trailer above shows a lot of the real world, with EA making a focus point of the video their new HyperMotion technology, which basically takes your run of the mill motion capture and combines it with some clever machine learning to boost the technology the game runs on. 

In a game that is pretty much the same thing year on year, EA says they have also worked hard to innovate career mode, and are introducing a mode called FIFA Ultimate Team Heroes which will focus on historic players and those who have changed the sport for the better past or present. 

There is an EA Play scheduled for later this month, where I think we are bound to see more. 


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