Final Fantasy 16 won’t be at Tokyo Game Show

While we know that development of Final Fantasy 16 is continuing well, we won’t be seeing it at the 2021 Tokyo Game Show according to game producer Naoki Yoshida. He mentioned as much during a 12 hour livestream around FF14. All in Japanese of course. 

We can thank Aita Kimochi, a twitch streamer and huge FF14 fan, for the translations. According to her, Naoki mentioned that development was well on its way, the game scenarios had been written in full, and the English voice-over work was near to complete. Aita also said that Naoki mentioned when we do get a look at the game, we will see things like the battle system and other yet unknown mechanics. 

Why we won’t be seeing it is anyone’s guess, and they could always surprise us. Only the Tokyo Games Show will tell. 

FF16 is a PS5 exclusive, but should make its way to PC somewhere in this lifetime. 


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