So, do you have a Series X/S or a PS5 yet?

Can you believe we’re well into the second half of 2021 already? Last year seemed to both go by like a blur and be the longest year many of us have ever experienced. Now, 2021, somehow, seems intent on trying to top it. And while there are definitely way more important things going on in the world and in our country specifically right now, perhaps for the purposes of mental health and the goal of some light distraction I recently started thinking about how just about 8 months ago the world also saw the release of both Sony and Microsoft’s then-Next-Gen consoles. Yup, believe it or not, the PS5 and Series X/S have now been out in the wild for about two-thirds of a year. So, what have we learned since the launch?

Well, by my reckoning, the stale argument of “Sony being the ‘home for exclusives’ with Xbox lagging way behind” seems to be growing thinner with every passing week. Sure, we’ve had a few big titles from Sony (with more on the way) but we still haven’t gotten solid dates for things like the GOW sequel and even Horizon Forbidden West. And Xbox continues to win hearts with Game Pass and it seems very soon we’ll see the fruits of their studio-purchasing labours. So, I’m rather keen to find out how widespread adoption has been here in SA. I’ve often seen the Series S available – but the Series X and the PS5 still seem hard to come by. Do you have either new console yet? If so, which one? And how have these last few months been… Do you feel the early purchase has been justified?

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