PvP Resident Evil game RE:Verse is delayed

RE:Verse, the PvP Resident Evil game that was revealed at the same time as Resident Evil Village (which some of you have played by now) has been delayed until some time in 2022. Capcom announced as much on the official Resident Evil Twitter account this afternoon. 

There wasn’t much else in the way of explanation, so we would have to assume a combination of covid and the game just not being ready yet. If you weren’t aware of RE:Verse, it’s a complete Resident Evil PvP experience, with all of the characters you have come to love (or hate) over the years, including none other than Mr. X. 

You won’t catch me playing this one, I scare like a rabbit. Check out the official teaser trailer below. 

Capcom also mentions that if you bought a physical copy of Resident Evil Village keep the code somewhere safe, or even better, redeem it now, and then when RE:Verse is out next year you’ll have instant access. 


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