Why do you play video games?

Yesterday, while browsing my Twitter feed and wading through the rather depressing resurgence of the difficulty vs accessibility debate (if you want to know my personal thoughts – check out our latest poll) I came across this tweet by Liz England. Now, I don’t want to get into the debate. It’s tiresome and unfortunately sadly filled with too much hardheadedness and ignorance in my opinion.

However, the model pictured (image courtesy: Quantic Foundry) above got me really interested. I’m not sure if I’m alone in this (and please excuse my ignorance if I am) but this was the first time I had seen Quantic Foundry’s ‘Gamer Motivational Model‘. But as soon as I had seen it – I googled it and happily fell into the rabbit hole that is their super interesting website. I’d suggest you do the same if you have any interest in why we play games at all and specifically why we play the games we do (and don’t mind some statistics and general psychometrics).

Quantic Foundry’s Gamer Motivation Model based on data from over 400,000 video gamers revealed 6 key pairs of motivations.

There’s a lot of detail and much to break down from their research. However, for the purposes of this particular article – I became very interested in how SA Gamer readers felt about what motivates their video gaming. According to Quantic Foundry’s research – there are twelve main motivations (you can check out the quick summary in the header image above). that fall into six-linked categories:

So, what’s your category?

  • Action category: Destruction (guns, chaos etc) or Excitement (action, fast-pacing)
  • Social category: Competition (matches, rankings) or Community (teamwork, interaction)
  • Mastery cateogry: Challenge (high difficulty, practice) or Strategy
  • Achievement category: Completionists or Power (upgrading, levelling-up)
  • Immersion categor: Fantasy (becoming someone else, somewehere else) or Story
  • Creativity category: Design (cutomisation and self-expression) or Discovery (exploring, testing)

So, if the research holds true for you… What motivates you to play video games… Action? Being Social? Gaining Mastery or Achieving an end goal? Or is it all about the Immersion? Or do you just like to be able to express or experience the Creative-side of things?

Let us know in the comments section below…

PS. If you have any interest in the subject at all – I’d really suggest checking out this quick TED-talk style video presented by Nick Yee, the co-founder and analytics lead of Quantic Foundry, at the #GamesUR US Conference back in 2016. You can also complete a survey to find out what your personal Gamer Motivation profile looks like here.

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