We have a new Apex Legend, named Seer

Apex Legends has had a successful season 9 with Valkyrie being the latest Legend to enter the mix. She has remained popular the whole season and is often contested in lobby. I see her being a main for lots of players for a good while to come. 

Apex Legends Season 10 is a few days away now, and we are starting to see some teasers from Respawn. They certainly started with a bang, introducing us to the new Legend for Season 10, Seer. 

The origin story above is a pretty cool watching, taking us all the way back to Seer’s entrance into the world, his difficult childhood, the prejudices of being born a cursed child and his eventual rise to combat excellence. 

Where better to use that combat skill than in the Apex games? At this point we aren’t sure of his tactical or ultimate ability, but I am super hyped to try this Legend out. 

We will know more about the upcoming Season 10 on July 22 during EA Play Live 2021. I’m hoping for a new map or maybe more arena focused maps or game modes. 

Apex Legends is free-to-play on all major platforms. 


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