Lost in Random looks to be a must-play from EA

Last night was EA Play Live where we got a look at a few of the upcoming games and updates from the publisher. The game that caught my eye the most was Lost in Random, which gives me Alice: Madness Returns vibes. We really got a nice long look at Lost in Random, including some gameplay, in which one sister, Even, is out in a very twisted world looking for her sister odd, who has been abducted by an evil Queen. 

Even has a companion in Dicey, a D6 (or for those unfamiliar with that term, a six-sided die), who is either clinging to her back like a little backpack or prancing around on his little stick legs. In combat, he even scuttles around excitedly to collect items off monsters that Even downs. Once he’s collected enough of these items and he’s charged up his D6 energy, he can be rolled for a random special ability that can help Even in the heat of battle. 

As we often find, with dice come cards. Even can collect coins along her adventure which allow her to buy cards which by all purposes is how the game expresses its skill tree and upgrades.

The game will be available on Steam on September 8 and I can’t wait to get a bit weird with Even and Odd. 


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