A sealed Super Mario Bros. game just sold for a record-breaking $2 million

Just last month news broke that a sealed, high-quality copy of Super Mario 64 had sold for $1.56 million. That was somewhere in the region of R22 million. Experts were predicting that we were likely to see even higher numbers as the video game collecting market continued to gain momentum. And well, it hasn’t taken very long. Over the weekend The New York Times confirmed that an unopened copy of the original Super Mario Bros. NES game has now been sold for $2 Million – that’s somewhere just under the R29 million mark at the time of writing.

While other recent video game-related sales were made through auctions – the NY Times article explained that the Super Mario Bros. sale was a little different; The game was sold via Rally. It’s a little more complicated but in short Rally sources and buys collectables – then people can buy shares on a specific item. When bidders come in to buy said collectable – the majority of the shareholders must agree to sell, at which point the profits will be shared based on the investment you put in. This is what happened with the Super Mario Bros. copy – which was said to be bought for $140,000 back in April 2020 – and now, received a ‘bid’ of $2 million which was accepted.

A simply insane number – and before the market bubble bursts – we once again suggest going through your childhood home (attic, garage etc.). Particularly if you were one of those wonderful oddballs that never opened your video games to actually play them… Apparently, there are some of you out there! You never know, you may be sitting on a small fortune without even realising it

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