Mario Golf: Super Rush first free update is now available

Back in June, we had the opportunity to review Mario Golf: Super Rush. While I enjoyed playing it – the slightly odd single-player story mode and limited courses made it feel a little incomplete. Well, if you felt the same way, you’ll be happy to hear that Nintendo has already released the first free update. While it doesn’t touch on the story mode, adding a New Donk City course and Toadette as a playable character is at least moving the game in the right direction.

Along with the new course and character, there are also a few improvements to the motion-controls and a brand new online Ranked Mode. I haven’t tried the new motion-controls (but considering how weak they were when the game launched, any updates would be welcomed). Having tried the Ranked Mode over the weekend, I can confirm that it is a nice addition. It not only provides a quick competitive online version of the game – but because finding local players online is a bit of a frustrating experience – the fact, that it will populate the fourball with CPU players after a certain time period, means that you can play whether you find someone to play with or not.

All-in-all it’s very much a welcome update. I mean, who doesn’t like more content, especially when it’s free, right?

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