gamescom Opening Night Live recap

I’ve got to be honest, last night’s show was really not for me. For the first half (if not longer) I was not interested in a single game. In fact, most of the games scared me and I will be avoiding them like the plague. However, we all have our own tastes – and judging by a brief check on my Twitter feed, many loved the event. For those that missed it – it might be worth warning you that the show ran for over 2 hours. So, there was a lot to see! Of course, if you want to check out the show in its entirety we’ll include a link to the video down below. In the meantime, here are just four announcements that are likely to get a lot of the news coverage:

While the new game announcements are probably getting some of the buzz (like Saints Row and Marvel Midnight Suns) – it is Halo Infinite‘s inclusion in the show that raised some eyebrows considering we had an Xbox event less than 48 hours ago… Guess that’s the pull of a certain Mr Keighley. They finally revealed Halo Infinite‘s release date (8 December 2021) plus gave all a look at the Halo 20 year anniversary-themed controller and Xbox Series X which you can check out in the image above. And while news on the Sony front was a little thin we did get Horizon Forbidden West‘s release date too –18 February 2022. (Now, let’s see when BOTW2 slots in.)

One of the few items I was actually excited for was more info on LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. We got some new images and clips from the game showing off some nice visuals and trademark LEGO humour. However, the still surprisingly distant release date of ‘Northern Hemisphere Spring 2022’ means we’ll have to wait still have to wait a while for that one. We finally also got a look at the super fun-looking, DokeV. That one supposedly started out as an MMO but now the developers say it’s closer to a ‘creature-collecting open-world action-adventure’.

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