Despite European cut, SA Switch price will not see further price drop

Just over a week ago you may have noticed news popping up on your timeline that the ‘Regular’ Switch would soon be seeing a price drop. In the UK for example, it was confirmed that the previously £279.99 Switch would now cost £259.99. The OLED Switch is due out next month (October 2021) – so perhaps Nintendo predicted that dropping the price even a little might entice those that thought the OLED price was a little high (around £310), to save £50 and purchase the mainline version. Of course, we locals were interested to see if we too would see the price drop.

Soon word emerged that the price drop was exclusive to the UK/Europe region. As per Stephen Totilo, even the US would not be getting a new price. That being said, for several administrative purposes (including our relatively tiny market) South Africa often is categorised under the European Region – so perhaps there was some hope? Well, SA Gamer reached out to Nintendo Distributor SA who confirmed that locally we would not be seeing a drop in the Switch’s pricing (in line with the European cut), adding:

Pricing is affected by various factors and after carefully weighing these up including currency exchange rates, we implemented a price drop on the Nintendo Switch console in August.

Nintendo Distributor SA

Of course, who wouldn’t have loved an EVEN lower price? However, considering that the regular Switch now retails for just under R7000.00 (thanks to that August price cut) and not so long ago the price was even higher than that – it was probably wishful thinking that we’d see another cut less than two months later.

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