FGV Winner is driving in gold and our weekly wrap-up!

It was great to see all the entries for this week’s Retro Edition of FGV. October looks like it is going to be a very busy month, and there are some big games coming so it’s probably nice to enjoy an open-world racing car game with all the bells and whistles to get you ready.

However, before we get to that… as always on a Friday it’s a good time to look back at the week. Although we weren’t able to cover them there were some pretty big headlines: Bloomberg broke the news that Nintendo had reportedly sent software toolkits to some 11 developers for a 4k-capable Switch. Interestingly, Nintendo quickly denied the story – but perhaps those Switch Pro rumours we kept hearing about were more real than the OLED release led us to believe? On the blue side of things, after a leaked announcement some time ago, this week PlayStation officially revealed that Bluepoint Games would become an in-house studio. Plus, we also arguably got Netflix’s first big move in the gaming space – with the announcement that they had acquired Oxenfree developer Night School Studio. On SA Gamer homefront though, we also got two reviews in this week: I played the cute but somewhat disappointing SkateBIRD and Zain took us through time with Cris Tales – a modern love letter to JRPGs he really enjoyed- so be sure to check out our thoughts.

Ok, but now the time has come for the info you’ve all been waiting for… So, who has crossed the chequered flag first this week and bagged themselves a copy of The Crew 2?

This week’s FGV winner is…

Waseem Dawood

Congrats to Waseem and a big thanks to Ubisoft for the prize. The download code is already on its way to you via email!

Remember to check out the site next week for even more reviews and possibly even another chance to win!

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