Switch OLED: Unboxing

Today is a big day if you’re a Nintendo fan. Not only are we getting the much-anticipated Metroid Dread, but also anyone looking to upgrade their Switch now has the opportunity to purchase the Switch OLED edition. On the gaming front, I was lucky enough to review Dread and in case you missed I rather enjoyed it! You can check out the full written review here or see our quick video review below:

Of course, on the hardware side of things – the Switch OLED has already started turning heads. Sure, it’s not the big 4K-capable Switch Pro some had thought was on the way. However, if like me, you’re a fan of a clean white finish, more screen real-estate at a better quality and a few other bells and whistles… well, then you’re probably at least keen to see if the Switch OLED is worth splurging some cash on. And the good news is that we have a full review coming next week that will aim to answer some of those questions. Until then though, take a look at our lightning-quick unboxing vid to whet your appetite.

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