AR mobile game Pikmin Bloom wants to get you walking…

EDIT: Pikmin Bloom is now available in South Africa! (02/11/2021)

Pokémon GO – the AR-powered, pocket-monster catching mobile game has been a giant success for both Nintendo/The Pokémon Company and Niantic. It started a worldwide craze and now, some five years later, it still has a huge player base and remains very, very popular. Well, late last week we found out that Nintendo and Niantic are teaming up again, and this time it’s Pikmin that is getting the AR treatment in the new mobile game Pikmin Bloom (a game we actually first heard about back in March)

While it is unlikely that this title will reach the heights of Pokémon GO, it seems quite fitting that as we slowly head out of our quarantines and isolation – there’s yet another game that will encourage the simple act of ‘taking a walk’. You can check out the basic mechanics of how the game will work here, but basically going for a walk will allow you to grow Pikin. And then walking with your Pikmin will cause AR flowers to grow along your path and you can get a log of your daily trips. It’s a simple mechanic but one for a good cause and sounds quite fun. Unfortunately, the game isn’t yet available in South Africa – we’re sadly one of the territories that seems to get these games quite late – but hopefully, we won’t be waiting too long before we too are able to take a walk with our Pikmin.

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