What great 2021 games have we missed?

It’s mad that we’re already well into November and next month awards season will be upon us. Here at SA Gamer, we host our very own GOTY Awards around December (here is our overall winner for last year for example). and so throughout the year, each member of the team does their best to get some hands-on time with several of the year’s biggest, most interesting or most unique games. Sadly, time does not allow us to post full detailed reviews of every game, and we don’t all get to try every title. However, we really try to ensure that at least one person on the team has given each important 2021 title a fair go. And thankfully, while we’re a small team there are quite a variety of tastes around and there has been much game-playing going on (especially over the last few weeks)…

That being said, as we continue to hurtle towards December and time is not on our side, we really want to make sure we don’t miss anything important. So we’re reaching out to you, our lovely readers… You’ve undoubtedly read some of our many reviews this year and hopefully, they’ve helped you make some game-playing decisions. And now we’re asking you to help us make ours. Help us figure out what to play next before deciding on this year’s SA Gamer Game Of The Year awards.

In short: What great 2021 games have we missed?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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