You can now play games on your Netflix app

Image Courtesy: Netflix

Back in May, news started circulating that Netflix was looking to expand into games and now, just a few months later, they’re offering games right in the app. Yup, Netflix Games is a real thing and is available now. Originally launching in a few select territories, Netflix Games is now available here in South Africa. I actually got a chance to play a bit over the weekend when my brother opened up his recently updated Netflix App to find a new ‘Games’ tab. Confused, he asked me about it. I didn’t realise it was already available in South Africa but after a quick explanation, we both realised it was and if you have an Android device you’ve likely also spotted the new content already. There are only five games currently available to download – Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Shooting Hoops, Card Blast and Teeter Up. My brother chose a game and after a redirect to the Play Store and quick download – we soon had a bunch of basketballs in our crosshairs and were literally ‘shooting hoops’ within the same app we were using to binge Drive to Survive.

I then launched my Netflix app on my iOS-powered phone and noticed that despite being up-to-date there still was no games tab. However, according to this tweet yesterday – iPhone and iPad users will not have to wait much longer (if at all)…

While the selection is rather meagre at this point and you probably have better games to play (even on your mobile device) the fact that this comes at no extra cost means there’s a real low barrier of entry and that’s pretty cool. For more info check out Netflix’s explainer here.

So… Playfix and chill anyone?

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