Twitch is now available on your Switch

We all want to watch our favourite streamers on the go right? Well, with the new Twitch app on the Nintendo Switch you can! That is, if your smartphone, laptop and tablet are out of battery, or even stranger, you don’t own any other device. 

Jokes aside, with other streaming apps like Netflix not being available on the system, it is a major feat that Twitch made the cut to get on the eShop. I have checked and it is available in the South African region as well. 

This news drops at a very busy time for Nintendo, with a great Animal Crossing update and DLC just behind them, a Grand Theft Auto Trilogy just out, and of course, Pokemon on the way. Maybe this paves the way for other streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

Let us know if you’ll be using your Switch to watch your favourite streamer on Twitch. 


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