Weekly Roundup + FGV Winner is building a new Civilisation

And that’s it, another week is done! We’re no doubt you’ve been working hard this week so it’s great that we’ll be able to giveaway a game for one lucky reader. However, before we get to that let’s have quick check back on what happened this week – starting with our reviews…

Review: Riders Republic

Charlie started the week off for us, by diving into Ubisoft’s (unofficial) spiritual successor to Steep, Riders Republic. The big open world and madcap sports are lots of crazy fun (particularly in multiplayer) however, the slightly overbearing presence of MTX was a big turn off. Check out the full review here.

You’re dropped into a very big, and very beautiful open world to explore… [and] Doing all the cool tricks and flips and spins while going stupidly fast is, thankfully, rather intuitive.

Hands-on: Nintendo Switch Online Expansion (Nintendo 64/SEGA Genesis)

I got the opportunity to explore the retro N64 and SEGA Genesis collections which form part of the Nintendo Switch Online’s Expanded Pack. While, retro-game fans that just want an easy way to play these games will be happy, there are a lot of negatives regarding pricing, the presence of similar collections on the Switch and general online play that will probably make this a difficult purchase for most. Check out my full thoughts here.

Not much has changed my opinion regarding the price or the online functionality… However, it was definitely fun playing these nostalgic titles on my Switch.

In other news…

We started this week with off with a request for ideas for any games that should be part of this year’s GOTY discussions but that our team have missed. We’ve had a few response, but please feel free to continue to add any games you think we should try here. We also learned that you can now play games on your Netflix app and that Forza Horizon 5 has been abosulttely massive for Xbox Studios.

What’s in store next week & FGV Winner…

Next week you can look forward to some more big reviews including Kelly’s feelings about Animal Crossing: New Horizon‘s big Happy Home Paradise DLC addition. Of course, you’ll also get a few of the big news stories and the odd opinion piece, plus, we may even have special surprise next week – so keep you eyes peeled for that one. But of course, we know you’re all here for the FGV Winner announcement and so without further ado… Our winner this week is:

Alexander Boone

Congrats Alexander! You should’ve already received an email detailing what to do next.

For everyone else… thanks so much for your continued support. Now, enjoy your weekend and GO PLAY SOME VIDEO GAMES!

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