You can play the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta now

UPDATE: While the multiplayer has seen almost universal praise – local players are being put into less-than-ideal servers (with a ridiculous ping) when the local servers are empty instead of being diverted to European ones – you can check out a whole thread about it by Nick De Bruyn here. Let’s hope 343 Industries notices the local cries for help.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is now live for anyone who owns a Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X or PC. It is being marketed as a beta, but all your progress will carry over to full release on December 8th. Remember that this portion of the game is free to play. 

The beta includes the entire multiplayer portion of the game, so weapons, modes, maps, and all those lovely things. There is a battle pass, which you need to pay for, as this counts as Season One of the Halo Infinite multiplayer lifespan. There are lots of rewards for making the purchase of the battle pass and progressing through it, but if you don’t want to spend the cash, you can complete it for free, just for less reward.

The cool thing about the battle pass system in Halo Infinite is that you can go back and complete older seasons and then switch to a current season’s battle pass. This means you won’t ever have FOMO. Only one battle pass can be worked on at a time though, so choose carefully (in the future of course!)

Go get it downloaded and have a blast! 


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