Weekly Roundup: Darling DLCs and Poké-Pearls

Another week is already over as we continue to speed to the end of 2021. We’re already two-thirds of the way through November and it was a busy week in video games and here at SA Gamer. Some pretty shocking news broke this week regarding Bobby Kotick (chief executive officer of Activision Blizzard). Over 1000 employees have now signed a petition to have him removed from his position, and both PlayStation and Xbox Bosses have commented on the situation too. It’s a serious and, sadly, quite depressing situation, but thankfully there have been some good in-depth articles that tackle the issue – check out, for example, these from The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.

In lighter (and less-important) news, The Game Awards official nominees were also officially revealed this week. Once, again, this year we had the privilege of being invited to participate as a voting outlet from South Africa. It’s been a tough year on the team and for many of you out there so we also wanted to take this opportunity to send a BIG thank-you to YOU; All our readers, contributors, writers, commenters and everyone else in between, for visiting our site, trusting our reviews and just generally being awesome! You’re great and we appreciate it. And on that note – we had three reviews from the team this week and in case you missed them here’s a quick highlight reel:

Review: Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC

First up, our resident Animal Crossing superfan, Kelly, jumped into the first paid DLC for New Horizons. There were some issues like a lack of any real progression. However, if like Kelly, you’re a lover of relaxing island-life decorating, then the new DLC will definitely strike the right chord. Check out the full review here.

It is wildly satisfying IF you love decorating. Personally, I would give my life for Isabelle, and in some ways, 300 hours later, I have.

Review: Far Cry 6: Insanity DLC

In another big DLC review, Charlie tackled the way-too-scary-for-me Vaas-infused, Insanity add-on content for Far Cry 6. It seems to be a new take on the regular Far Cry formula and you can check out Charlie’s thoughts (including his praise for Michael Mando’s performance) here.

You start off very weak, with nothing but a pistol and your charming personality. It took me two tries and about two hours to clear the game the first time, but that is where the fun really starts.

Review: Pokémon Shining Pearl

Finally, we got a look at Shining Pearl – the beloved generation 4 Pokémon game that’s received and wonderfully charming remake. It’s more Pokémon but this time in a slightly easier-to-get-into package, thanks to some modern quality-of-life additions. Check out our full thoughts here.

In other news…

It was another big week for Xbox. We not only got a surprise launch of the Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer but also had it (re)confirmed that Elder Scrolls VI would be an Xbox and PC exclusive. Phil Spencer then talked about how important legal emulation will be in order to continue to play older games, and then Nintendo surprise revealed that Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit would be getting a free split-screen update.

What’s in store next week?

The SA Gamer team will be meeting over the weekend to discuss and debate our own SA Gamer Awards this weekend so you can look forward to start seeing the fruits of that labour in the coming weeeks. Also, as usual, you can expect a review or two plus the big news stories and the odd opinion piece too. So, be sure to check in with us again next week…


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