Mario Golf: Super Rush gets ‘last free update’

Back in June, I had the chance to review Mario Golf: Super Rush, Camelot’s latest edition of their now quite long-running partnership with Mario-related sports games. Much like Tennis Aces, there was a lot to like with the simple but ultimately quite fun ‘arcadey’ experience. That being said a strange story pacing, issues with online play for us locals (I feel like I say this in every review these days) and a relatively small selection of courses definitely stood out. Over the last few months, Nintendo has been adding (some) content to the game including a few extra characters to choose from and the odd course too.

Earlier today, Nintendo confirmed that update Ver. 4.0.0 is now available and would actually be the ‘last free update’. The word does leave the door open for some paid content down the line, but if Aces is anything to go by I wouldn’t be holding my breath. That being said, this update includes the addition of two more playable characters (Wiggler and Shy Guy), two new courses (Shelltop Sanctuary and All-Star Summit), some new modes (Target Golf and One-On, One-Putt) and some general balancing and display updates too. For a full breakdonw of the update check out this page. Right now, the roster of both characters and course and the extra modes do make the whole package a whole lot more attractive. So, if you’re looking for a fun golf-distraction it may be worth checking out the Black Friday specials.

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