SA Gamer Awards 2021: Best FPS

2021 to me was just like a long continuation of 2020… We hardly left the house, stressed over the ill people we knew, and lost those who were close and dear to us. A lot of us needed someplace to escape to, and as for most of my life, that is one of two places: a book, or a game. Luckily this year we did have a few gaming treats, and here I am to praise the SA Gamer Awards 2021 FPS Winner. The game that was beautiful to look at, had excellent gunplay, narrative, storyline, and that little seed of “Play me some more”: 


Deathloop was a joy for me to play. It was the first time that my PlayStation 5 actually showed me what it could do, and how glorious the console could be, and will be, as more games that are made for it make it to the console. The game was visually beautiful, the mechanics different and fresh, and as for the shooting, it felt like I was playing Destiny on steroids. Every shot was felt thanks to the haptics in the DualSense, the important moments of the game made more tense by the adaptive trigger feedback. This game blew me out of the water, sometimes literally, when I shot something explosive. So not only the best FPS game of the year for us, but also one that truly showed us the capabilities of the PS5 now and into the future. 

Runner-up: Halo Infinite


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