SA Gamer Awards 2021: Best Multiplayer

With another year filled with uncertainty due to lockdown restrictions brought to us by Covid-19, we continued to seek social interactions that are difficult to acquire in person. Thankfully, video games continued to grant us this opportunity and some games shone brightly in this aspect. We were able to join our friends on some pretty big adventures without having to leave our homes. And one game lit up the multiplayer screen a little more so than most…

It Takes Two

A little more intimate than last years SA Gamer Award for the multiplayer category Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, It Takes Two really lives up to its title in the aspect that the game really will take two to play. A co-operative multiplayer title that cannot be played in a single-player fashion, players are thrown into the shoes of a married couple who have been transformed into play dolls by their daughter. She is in fact trying to stop them from getting a divorce. If you were a fan of the famous, ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids’ movies and wondered what it would be like to explore the shrunken world, It Takes Two will satisfy that curiosity perfectly.

As players make their way through their own home, they are tasked with battling household electronic appliances, rodents and even interact with their daughter’s other toys. On top of all of that, players need to rely on each other to proceed in most areas which is where I believe the game shines the most. For example, the husband is tasked with throwing nails into certain boards mounted to walls so that the wife can then use her hammer to swing across to gain access to new areas. What’s more, the wife is then able to use the same hammer to break through obstacles such as glass bottles to allow the husband to get through. All this is done in a split-screen method so whether you’re playing online or couch co-op, you’ll always be able to view what the other player is doing. This might be frustrating for those used to only seeing their own screen but it really assists in letting you know where or what your co-op partner is trying to do so that you can proceed further. All in all, It Takes Two really is one of the best multiplayer titles this year and an excellent choice if you’re looking to get into something fun.

Runner-up: Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Honourable Mentions: Halo Infinite, Knockout City, B.Ark

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