SA Gamer Awards 2021: Best… WHAT?

Have you ever scrolled through Steam, or some game recommendation site, and found a game whose quick summary made you think, “Did I read that right?”. You have? Well this award is for them! It’s for those games that are just so out there in their concepts that you had to pause and re-read the description because WOW, how did someone put all of those concepts together?

The competition was tough, as you may have guessed, but we’re happy to announce that we have a winner!

LOL, JK. While I still don’t actually get what is written on that grey block, we would never dishonour the community like this! The real winner is a game that we believed delivered on both the ‘What The Actual‘ front and ‘Bang for Your Buck‘ (if you excuse the pun). Without further ado!

Boyfriend Dungeon

Boyfriend Dungeon is a dungeon crawler-dating sim indie game. Taking place in an urban fantasy setting, the player character must fight through dungeons with the help of a human partner who can transform into a sentient weapon. Outside of dungeons, the player can date their partner in visual novel-style sequences that increase their power in combat.”

I mean, you can only make this stuff up… and make a game out of it. And while there were a few honourable members mentions that could have taken its place, games like Wave Break just didn’t match Boyfriend Dungeon‘s creativity and level of execution. Somehow the team at Kitfox made a dungeon crawler with a strange concept that people really, really enjoyed. So much so, it got nominated at the Game Awards as a game of Impact.

Runner Up: Wave Break.

Honourable Mentions: Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, Skate Bird, Just Die Already and the New World servers (lol).

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