SA Gamer Awards 2021: Biggest Disappointment

We live in a timeline with a lot of disappointments. This ranges from things happening in life to video games not living up to the expectations set by the fans and marketing departments *cough* Cyberpunk. But if you look at the header image, you might know by now what we feel was the biggest disappointment of 2021.

The issues at Activision Blizzard aren’t exactly new, and we’ve known that things aren’t quite how they should be from probably before 2021, but nobody could prepare us for the shocking revelations ranging from working conditions to sexual harassment. We’re not going to go into all the details here, but hearing all this, and finding out that the people working hard on some of our favourite games are being treated like absolute garbage while executives receive massive bonuses really did sting.

The biggest disappointment of all this is not just Activision Blizzard’s conduct, but the realisation that the problems within the gaming industry are much more endemic, and probably much wider spread than just one company. Hopefully, others can learn from Activision Blizzard’s mistakes and rectify the problems, making gaming more welcoming to all in the near future.

Dishonourable Mentions: Cyberpunk 2077 continuing to suck; GTA Trilogy

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