SA Gamer Awards 2021: Best Performance

The best performance categories are usually reserved for narrative-driven roles with a lot of motion capture work being done. There are also many hours spent behind the scenes to bring the characters to life, but ultimately it comes down to talented actors doing a proper job to start with. Probably thanks to COVID, 2021 has been a bit spare of such performances, so we had to look at it a little bit differently to find the best performances… And so, this year’s winner is:

Nisa Gunduz and Sean Rey – Dani Rojas (Far Cry 6)

There will be many people who don’t agree with this one but hear me out. Firstly, I will always argue that secondary characters, who might be doing a fantastic job, don’t really qualify for this award, especially if they’re on our screens for a limited time. Even looking at Giancarlo Esposito who portrays the villainous Anton Castillo excellently, he is only really in a few cut-scenes and pretty much nothing else. Does that deserve best performance in a video game? In our opinion, not really

Looking at the characters you spend a lot more time with, both Nisa Gunduz and Sean Rey deserve recognition for the excellent work they’ve done as one of the best protagonists in a Far Cry game in ages. Their reactions and delivery are spot on in such a chaotic world and it was a joy to spend time with Dani Rojas as you go Ramboing through the fictional Yara in the name of Libertad! It helps that most of the characters you meet are also very well portrayed by their respective voice actors, making it a very entertaining experience overall.

Honourable Mentions: Erika Mori – Alex Chen (Life is Strange: True Colors); Jennifer Hale – Shepard (Mass Effect Legendary Edition, because it’s still bloody good a decade later) , Jason E. Kelley – Colt (Deathloop)

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