SA Gamer Awards 2021: Best Soundtrack

I am one of those people who have Spotify playlists for every mood or situation I find myself in. I have one especially for game soundtracks. These basically fall into two categories: There are some out there that are just very good and are simply worth listening to for pure enjoyment purposes, and then there are some that bring me back into that peaceful, relaxed place I was in when I played the game. Before this year, I listened to the Destiny (1 & 2) soundtrack so many times I know almost each note. Even before playing this particualr game, I was really hoping that it owuld deliver in similar way… And it did. Presenting the SA Gamer Awards winner for Best Soundtrack of 2021: 

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

If you have watched the movies, or read the comics, you know just how important music is to Peter Quill. It’s almost as if he reveres music as a tie to his humanity, and in this time of the worlds history, I found it fitting that many people turned to music to help them maintain their ties to humanity. Some learning to read music, some learning new instruments, some learning to sing or even just trying out new genres. Music is a magical thing. The movies captured the sounds of Peter perfectly, and really, the game was a joy to listen to. I often turn down games on some days when I just need to chill, but this time, I jammed the whole way through with Peter and the crew. 

Unfortunately, no dancing Baby Groot. 

Runner-up: Kena: Bridge of Spirits 


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