SA Gamer Awards 2021: Best Family Game

What’s better than playing a video game alone, well, it’s playing a video game with friends and family. This is why I’m always looking out for titles that’ll allow the opportunity for my friends and family to come on over, or due to lockdown, allow us to play online together. And It Takes Two was the perfect choice for this to happen.

It Takes Two

It Takes Two really does, at its core, bring the family together. This makes it the best title to receive Best Family Game of 2021 here at SA Gamer. The premise of the game in itself is a married couple who are planning on getting a divorce. Upon hearing this, their daughter who has created two play dolls in their likeness tries to get them to stay together by playing make-believe with these dolls. And to the couples’ surprise or rather horror (at least at first) the couples’ consciousness has been transferred into these dolls.

Of course, this then ends up being one of the couples ‘BIGGEST’ adventures ever as they try to make their way, shrunken down, back to their daughter to reverse what’s been done. This proves to be a lot more difficult than they thought though as they’ll have to make their way across their home through the backboards of their walls in platforming mastery and players actually have to really work together to open paths for one another. It Takes Two will challenge each player to not only work in a cooperative manner, but also force you to think about how to solve certain puzzles to unlock new areas. This split-screen co-op game will test your bond as a friend or family and solidify it even further…or perhaps leave you shouting at each other as one player removes a platform that the second player was about to land on. Either way, It Takes Two is an incredible action-adventure platforming title that’s both entertaining and satisfying to watch.

Runner-up: New Pokémon Snap

Honourable Mentions: WarioWare: Get It Together!, Game Builder Garage, Unpacking

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