Goodbye, SA Gamer

Good Day SA Gamers! We hope you had a safe and enjoyable holiday period… As you can probably tell from the title of this article – this is a bit of a sad post. After several years of bringing you the best gaming news, reviews and a series of fun and informative opinion pieces all from the local perspective, it is with heavy hearts that we let you know that SA Gamer as you know it will be ending.

While we don’t want to linger on the negative, for some context as to why… we, like so many local sites, had already been struggling before the pandemic. Local advertising around video games was already diminishing. That sadly meant that our longtime editors and mentors, Dawid and Garth, had to leave the site. On top of that, we know that for virtually every human on the planet, the last two years or so have been very tough. The pandemic has really taken its toll on us as a team: some have lost their full-time jobs, others have had to endure some stressful moves, physical and emotional turmoil and in the very saddest of instances even lost loved ones. Our hearts really go out to those of you out there that have had similar experiences.

Thankfully, the SA Gamer writing team has always been filled with people that are passionate about writing and sharing their love of video games. It’s never been about the money. And despite all the turmoil, we were able to keep the site running for a little while longer. I took over some of the editorial responsibilities and I’m proud to say that over the last 5 months, thanks to support from really great local distributors and international publishers as well as writing from Kelly, Charlie, Zain, Bianca, Abigail and even some guest posts from Garth, Paul and Ros, SA Gamer continued to bring you news, reviews and opinion pieces. The team managed an average of 15 news/opinion pieces per month and something like 25 reviews in that period. We also added some video reviews for the first time in years. The effort that the team put in despite some really tough circumstances was really special.

Unfortunately, as 2022 dawns, a variety of factors including the personal circumstances of several members of the team and the lack of funding for a needed site-wide refresh and general maintenance means we need to reevaluate things. After long discussions and soul-searching, the current writing team has made the difficult decision to call it quits and see the credits roll on the grand adventure that has been SA Gamer. As you can tell from the header image (those numbers are all real!) after many years we are proud that we hit several milestones in posts, readership numbers, reviews and random fun. It has been a special undertaking and we are thankful for every person that ever wrote for SA Gamer or contributed in other ways. And of course, a huge thank you to you – our fantastic readers! The journey has been great and rather than dwell on the sad news of us closing we really want to remember everything that we’ve learned along the way, the fun we had sharing our thoughts on our beloved hobby and the friends we’ve all been lucky to make. The community around video games here SA has been great and we are proud that we played a small part in that. Finally, while SA Gamer will no longer be around, we are happy to report that many in the team of writers and contributors will continue to be active on social media and the like so feel free to connect with us there!

And so on behalf of the last remaining writers (Tim, Charlie, Kelly, Zain, Bianca) as well as everyone that came before we say:

Thank-you. The SA Gamer adventure has now ended.


GAME OVER. Press X to continue…

Before we go we’d like to spend our last minutes in the sun reminding you that there are several local sites still ‘playing the game’ and we urge you to keep supporting them. Who knows, you may even spot some familiar names appearing in one or two of them…

Here are a few of our favourites to get you started:

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