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Monitor review

What does a gamer need in life? Okay maybe that is the wrong way to start this, as you lot are far too fussy and demanding. What would give you a better experience right now? (Barring of course, if your machine is barely keeping up with the current stock of consoles!) More Hz. Meet the AOC G2460PQU, or if my next bank robbery is successful, my next PC purchase.

At the pinnacle of 1080p screens, we have two choices: we can either start increasing the resolution, to 1440p all the way up to 5K and beyond, or we can increase the refresh rate to allow for something far better than the current 60 Hz fare. This monitor does the latter: at 24-inches, this 1080p screen will help you break through that wall 60 Hz, something that many an overclocker and eSports master will tell you is all too important. Is this all marketing hyperbole? It really isn’t.

The monitor has a brushed bezel and only requires fastening the base to the adjustable arm the monitor is connected to, which made the process a lot less stressful than those designs where the arm detaches as well. The stand allows for height, tilt and swivel adjustment to help you find a comfortable viewing position, and can also be rotated to work in portrait mode. For those interested in mulit-monitor setups, the side bezel is 15mm, with a bottom bezel of 25mm.



The screen has two USB ports, which is hardly worth mentioning except for one of them (a red port) that can charge a peripheral device, even when the monitor is in standby. This is great for tablets and smartphones that need a place to charge, without necessarily stealing a USB port from your PC or requiring your PC to stay on all night to charge a device. The built-in speakers are passable for mid-range tones, but can easily be replaced by a good gaming headset. Inputs include a VGA, one DVI, one HDMI and DisplayPort 1.2 connector.

Of course, none of this matters as much as the screen, which is what everyone really wants to know about. One thing to mention is that compared to other 144 Hz monitors, this AOC does not have blur reduction. Does it matter? At 144 Hz, the blur test hardly matters, as the screen keeps up. This is up to personal choice, as other monitors with backlight strobing will give blur reduction, but at a loss of brightness. As a result, man is this screen bright. Luckily it has a button to switch between various presets, like a surfing mode and word processing modes, or I would need sunglasses to write this.

144 Hz are also TN-film based, meaning that viewing angles other than head-on start to show small artifacts. Shifting too far to the sides will colour shift to red, while having the screen too high or low will result in a loss of detail.

While this monitor doesn’t have the colour reproduction of say, a professional screen, it does pretty well, considering it was made for gaming and not graphic design work. Bright, bold colours spring out of the monitor at you, with everything so crisp thanks to that fast refresh rate. The colours are accurate enough out of the box to please all but the most discerning customer, and five minutes of adjustments will leave almost everyone happy. If you absolutely must have a screen with G-Sync, this screen has a brother name AOC G2460PG (they really could have gone for something a little more obvious there). If you are looking for a way to break the 60 Hz ceiling, and you are quite happy with 1080p gaming, I can think of nothing better to spend a Christmas bonus on.



  • 144 Hz, baby! Colour accuracy.


  • No blur reduction. It isn't mine yet.


Value - 9
Performance - 9
Features - 9
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