Finally, a cure for Cold Shoulder in Two Point Hospital’s new Bigfoot DLC

Bigfoot finally adds that festive-feel that was so obviously missing from the game.

Gear up to dive deep in Beyond Blue – Atoll Region gets revealed

It's like ABZÛ but with more science!

Bring the joy of toys to the Nexus with the new Heroes of the Storm event

Enjoy the fun before all the toys get put away!

Hell is let loose in Team 17’s new game announcement

Let loose the war dogs, and see the hell that is war in Team 17 and Black Matter's new game.

Ghost of a Tale will scurry onto your console early next year

It is a dangerous world out there for a little mouse.

Eevee gets more time in the limelight with its own Tamagotchi

Even more Pokémon in your life! I can't bel-Eevee it!

Impose the wrath of Smite’s gods on Switch early 2019

MOBA fans will have a Smite Nintendo Entertainment System next year.

Riot might become a record label in the future

Riot wants to be the home of League of Legends and music.

Blizzard launches an Overwatch Cosplay Battle – Meet the teams, and help choose the projects

You choose the outfit, you help choose the winner. Get ready for some intense crafting.

Watch how Overall BlizzCon Cosplay Winner, KeltonFX, built his award winning costume

13 months of planning, building and hard work brought this amazing cosplay to life.

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